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San Martin/Gwinn offers a GATE program consisting of a curriculum responsive to the interests and abilities of gifted students. This curriculum provides for a balance of content, process and product through the development of creative skills. Our content is based on state standards, but has been extended to allow students to create products that are meaningful expressions of their knowledge. To view the District’s GATE policy please visit the MHUSD Gate Plan.

GATE Presentation:

Every year our school year we host a GATE Presentation Night for our GATE students to share their school-year interest projects.

After School GATE Enrichment:

In addition to the GATE curriculum, we strive to add an enrichment level for our GATE and high achieving students. Utilizing the expertise of our teaching staff, community members and outside agencies, we offer an after-school program that will challenge the interests of our students. This program is staffed by volunteers and is dependent on the generosity of time from the people presenting the activities. Minimal funds may be required of parents depending on the cost of materials or transportation involved. This program will be after school from 2:00 – 3:00 and on campus for most sessions. Some of our planned activities include art lessons, field trips, science projects, interactive simulations in social studies, math or science and computer classes.