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DIME offers both English and Spanish speaking students the unique opportunity to learn and excel in both the primary and secondary language, while also developing an increased understanding of different cultures and an appreciation for a diverse society.

DIME provides a way to learn academic content while acquiring another language at the same time. Students receive language arts, math, science and social studies instruction in Spanish. The teaching strategies support the students in learning the concepts and skills for the subject area, as well develop the ability to read, write, speak and listen in both English and Spanish.

DIME uses the 90/10 immersion model. This model shows better success rates in immersing the students in the target language. As the student progresses to the next grade level the target language drops 10% until eventually the instruction is 50/50.

DIME began in 2012 at San Martin/Gwinn Elementary. “Dime” means “Tell me” in Spanish and stands for Dual Immersion Multicultural Education. Ultimately, the program will offer two classes for each grade level from kindergarten through eighth grade. Because dual language education must start when students are young, DIME (in its second year in 2013-14) now consists of two kindergarten classes and one each of first and second grade.